تحميل SugarSync

تحميل SugarSync

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SugarSync gives a distributed storage administration, which is both adaptable and offers reasonable arrangements. The SugarSync application has elements and capacities that are like applications like Dropbox.

The application gives the greater part of the alternatives and elements you are going to need to reinforcement every one of your documents and reestablish them. You can transfer various records sorts including music, video and .exe documents, yet there are a couple of special cases (Outlook .pst, Microsoft Money, easy routes, Microsoft Office .tmp, database documents, program registries).

Key Features:

On-line collaboration via folder sharing.
File security provided by 'read-only' access.
Public links: provide one-time download access to your files (No SugarSync account required).
Remote editing capability.
Mobile device support.
Microsoft Outlook compatibility: SugarSync links files and tracks downloads via Exchange Server.
Admin dashboard: Access control, storage space limits and activity log configuration.

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