Google lens

  •   Ricky
  •   July 31, 2017
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If you want to know where Google is headed, look through Google Lens.

The artificially intelligent, augmented reality feature seemed to generate the most interest at Google’s developer conference that wrapped up Friday. Of all announcements, it best encapsulated what Google’s transition to an “AI first” company means.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai underscored the tool as a key reflection of Google’s direction, highlighting it in his Google I/O keynote as an example of Google being at an "inflection point with vision.”

"All of Google was built because we started understanding text and web pages. So the fact that computers can understand images and videos has profound implications for our core mission," he said in his introduction of Lens.

The feature is first being added to Google Photos and the personalized AI software Assistant, which is available on an increasing number of devices. Lens uses machine learning to examine photos viewed through your phone’s camera, or on saved photos on your phone, and can use the images to complete tasks.

A few things Lens can do:

  • Tell you what species a flower is just by viewing the flower through your phone’s camera;
  • Read a complicated Wi-Fi password through your phone’s camera and automatically log you into the network;
  • Offer you reviews and other information about the restaurant or retail store across the street, by you just flashing your camera over the physical place.

If you want to know where Google is headed, look through Google Lens.