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  •   July 31, 2017
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In May 2009, Google services experienced an outage that affected users from all over the world. Later Google confirmed the three and a half hour outage.

Then again in August 2013, Google, along with all the related services was inaccessible for users for 2-3 minutes, and it caused the entire internet traffic to drop by a staggering 40%. If that happened for 2-3 minutes and caused such a dent in the web traffic curve, imagine what would happen if it lasted a half an hour.

The thought of Google to go down for 30 minutes is a pretty big deal. Google does not only serve as a search engine; it encompasses Gmail, Youtube, Blogspot, AdSense, Reader, Google services like Android, etc., to name only a few. Here are some likely scenarios that may happen in such a case.

After multiple reloading attempts and multiple calls to service providers, people will come to Facebook and see that there is an epidemic of “OMG Can’t believe” posts, #GoogleShutDown & #GoogleGone hashtags and screenshots of the global phenomenon while realizing that it is not just happening to them.

In May 2009, Google services experienced an outage tha