Acai Bowl Recipe

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  •   August 28, 2018
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Acai Bowl Recipe

Tropical Acai Bowl Recipe with Mango and Hemp Seeds


  • 1 fresh mango or papaya, cubed
  • 3 frozen bananas, sliced
  • ½ cup frozen berries (of choice)
  • 1 cup acai concentrate

So what are acai bowls? Acai is really a sort of berry that is local to Central and South America, especially Brazil. The cancer prevention agent rich organic product is stuffed with dietary advantages, including fiber and electrolytes. In Brazil, acai bowls are sold on the shorelines and at juice bars, generally mixed with guarana and finished with organic product. (1) In Brazil, Amazonian clans like the Caboclo have been eating acai for many years, however it's solitary as of late that the pattern has gotten up to speed toward the west, and we're fortunate it has! (2) 

Acai bowls are a definitive sound breakfast when you're wanting something somewhat sweet. They're anything but difficult to make, scrumptious to eat and can be stuffed with as much goodness as you like. One reason acai was ease back to achieve this piece of the world is that the organic product doesn't keep going long; Acai berries die not long after they're picked, making them almost difficult to send out from Brazil all in all natural product.


Presently, there are unlimited mixes of acai bowl formulas and garnishes, yet for every one of them, the acai berry puree will make up the base. The secret to the ideal acai bowl is getting the surface right. You need to have the capacity to eat the bowl with a spoon, yet you don't need it to be too thick. Mixing the puree with a blend of foods grown from the ground a sprinkle of your favored drain if fundamental for the most part does the trap. 

With respect to acai bowl garnishes, the sky's the farthest point! Obviously, what you put on the bowl will influence the acai bowl calories. I'm a devotee of adding some more surface to every spoonful through crunchy garnishes, similar to cacao nibs, granola or seeds. In case you're feeling additional yearning, you can even make your own grainless granola to put to finish everything. 

I think this acai bowl formula has the correct blend. We'll keep the tropical topic passing by blending the acai puree with a mango or papaya and including some crisp bananas and your most loved berry. When it's altogether mixed, we'll finish things off with seeds, coconut and more organic product.





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