下載  ClickCharts 1.47

下載 ClickCharts 1.47

下載 ClickCharts 1.47 對於 windows.ClickCharts is a component pr

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ClickCharts is a component pressed graph flowchart application that permits you to develop any sort of stream outline or chart that you require. It has some layout charts to kick you off or on the other hand you can start with a clear canvas.

Key Features:

Open multiple diagrams and edit simultaneously.
Print large diagrams with seamless sheet overlapping.
Export flowcharts as image files such as jpg, gif, and png.
ClickCharts has a fairly intuitive user interface that helps you choose from a variety of symbols, shapes and colours in order to convey your ideas.

Flowchart Features:

Choose from a variety of symbols and line connector styles.
Create UML (Unified Modeling Language) standard visual modeling diagrams.
Edit and customize colors, fills and strokes.
Seamless sheet overlapping for creating and printing large diagrams

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