Herunterladen  Free IP Switcher 3.1

Herunterladen Free IP Switcher 3.1

Herunterladen Free IP Switcher 3.1 zum windows.With Free IP Switcher

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Official Download
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With Free IP Switcher you can naturally transform all system settings on your PC, including IP address, system covers, default entryway, DNS committed server, wins server, intermediary settings, and default printer.


Switch IP network settings 'on the fly' without restarting.
Switch Internet Explorer proxy-server settings.
Switch your default printer.
Switch your computer name and workgroup.
Import current network settings to the setting.
System-tray icon support, auto-start with windows.

Free IP Switcher is a little, lightweight application that can switch between preconfigured system settings in a solitary snap and with no compelling reason to reboot. It permits you to spare diverse system profiles, with the goal that you have the flexibility to change between them, at whatever point you have to.

The system profiles will incorporate all the fundamental data (IP addresses, DNS, intermediary settings and so forth) for a solid system arrangement.

The application is lightweight and is anything but difficult to use with a selected interface that perfectly shows all the data you require.

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