Download PHP 7.2.30

Download php 7.2.30

Download PHP 7.2.30 for windows.PHP, for "PHP: Hypertext Preproc

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PHP, for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor", is an extremely popular programming language, mainly on the Internet. The PHP language can be embedded in the source code of an HTML page but scripts programmed in PHP focus mainly on the server part. So you can do everything a CGI program can do, such as collecting forms, generating dynamic pages, and sending and receiving cookies, for example. The language differs from Perl and C, since instead of encoding a program with many commands to generate an HTML page, you are editing an HTML script containing the necessary code. What also distinguishes PHP from a client-oriented language, such as JavaScript, is that the code is run on the server. The language is relatively simple to grasp making it accessible to beginners, but has many advanced features for professional programmers.

Finally, one of the strengths of PHP is its open-source license, which significantly reduces the cost of developing an infrastructure for a Web site, for example.
In addition to fixing hundreds of bugs from previous versions, this version includes new features such as namespaces, anonymous functions or lambda functions, Late Static Bindings (LSB), native MySQL for PHP mysqlnd, a "garbage collector" as well as enhancements to the Standard PHP Library.

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