다운로드 Hiver  3.4

다운로드 Hiver 3.4

다운로드 Hiver 3.4 ...에 대한 windows.Hiver is a super valuab

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Hiver is a super valuable Google Chrome augmentation that streamlines correspondence and coordinated effort in a work or home environment. It makes Gmail a capable profitability instrument by including valuable components, for example, joint effort and simple work process administration to Google's mail administration. Hiver associates with your Gmail account and gives you a common letter drop environment, where you can make Hiver-uncommon names that can be shared over a group. Hiver is likewise an incredible device to impersonate Microsoft Exchange Public/Shared Folders, and you can share contacts between Gmail accounts also. Key Features include: Share Gmail labels and Gmail contact groups. Snooze emails and set reminders. Write notes on emails. Create and share email templates. Send emails later. Customizable Labels.
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