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Postbox is Powerful, intuitive, and faster than a scalded monkey, the Postbox email client will help you stay on task, find information quickly and act, not react. Postbox's Conversation Views are powerful, actionable, and easy to use.It works by gathering conversation fragments from multiple folders and presenting them in a unified view.So the rumors are true, Postbox will actually make you smarter.

Postbox Topics lets you organize your messages by keyword. When you assign a topic to a message, it is also applied to other messages within the conversation, in addition to all future replies — a huge time saver.Combine the use of Topics with the Focus Pane to attain a state of organizational bliss.Postbox gives you fast access to documents and images hiding within your email messages. No more digging through email messages to find what you need! It's easy to save or send what you've found. Simply select a file or image, and click an action button.

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