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KODI for Mac

KODI for Mac  18.3

размер : 72.98 MB
тип : Open source

KODI is a grant winning media focus application for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and XBox. A definitive center point for every one of your media, KODI for Mac is anything but difficult to utilize, looks smooth, and has a huge accommodating group. Attempt it now! Media Management KODI for Mac underpins review and playing a l...


Telegram 4.2.1

размер : 28.88 MB
тип : Freeware

Telegram is chat application is used for sharing message to our contacts.Telegram is simple to use,fast and free.it is based on MTProto Protocol.You can create a group chat upto 200 people and you can share messages instantly.You can share videos upto 1GB file size,Also you can share photos from the web and you can also forward media a...

Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.4

размер : 12.60 MB
тип : Freeware

Carbon Copy Cloner to create a exact copy of your hard drive, from which you can start to troubleshoot your Mac. It can also clone your data, they are in a particular folder or a CD-Rom.Carbon Copy Cloner is a program that is built for precisely those purposes - easy and secure backup of anything you want to the locally attached hard d...


Vuescan  9.6.13

размер : 8.21 MB
тип : Commercial trial

VueScan is a straightforward device that is perfect with most flatbed and film scanners to create examines that have brilliant shading constancy and shading equalization. VueScan is very helpful in light of the fact that, you can utilize it without rolling out any improvements to your PC or any current scanner applications you may as o...


Postbox 5.0.8

размер : 60.27 MB
тип : Commercial trial

Postbox is Powerful, intuitive, and faster than a scalded monkey, the Postbox email client will help you stay on task, find information quickly and act, not react. Postbox's Conversation Views are powerful, actionable, and easy to use.It works by gathering conversation fragments from multiple folders and presenting them in a unifie...


whatsapp 0.3.33

размер : 54.70 MB
тип : Freeware

The now famous WhatsApp app arrives on your computer. Now you will be able to exchange text, photos, audio or video messages to any smartphone and this directly from the screen of your PC. To qualify, nothing more simple, just go to the interface, scan using your Android smartphone or iPhone the QR code that appears on the ho...

SketchUp Pro for Mac

SketchUp Pro for Mac 49.3

размер : 31.54 MB
тип : Commercial trial

SketchUp Pro for Mac is programming that you can use to make 3D models of anything you like. The vast majority kick it into high gear with SketchUp Pro in only a couple of minutes. Many video instructional exercises, a broad Help Center and an overall client group imply that any individual who needs to make 3D models with Sketc...



размер : 217.21 MB
тип : Open source

LibreOffice provides an alternative to the OpenOffice.org office suite. This suite includes all standard applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tool, a manager of mathematical formulas, etc.. Based on OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice in resumes operation but with some adaptation of the graphic interface. The applica...

Calibre (32-bit)

Calibre (32-bit) 3.21.0

размер : 75.68 MB
тип : Freeware

Calibre is complete solution application that helps users to view, convert and organize e-books in easy.calibre is a free software for e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. Calibre Key Features: Library Management E-book conversion Syncing to e-book ...

Adobe Flash Player for Mac

Adobe Flash Player for Mac

размер : 18.26 MB
тип : Freeware

Adobe Flash Player for Mac is the superior, lightweight, profoundly expressive segment that conveys intense and predictable client encounters crosswise over different renditions of the Mac OS, diverse programs, and endless cell phones. Adobe Flash Player for Mac is a vital part to watch video on the Mac stage Streak has numerou...

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