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Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer 8.70

размер : 4.63 MB
тип : Freeware

Attribute Changer changes the attributes of files and folders. You can change the following attributes: read-only, system, hidden, archive and indexed, the date, time and state of compression on NTFS volumes. Exceptions and filters can be specified to fine-tune the process.Attribute Changer, with a special tab of tools being pre...


Xinorbis 8.0.15

размер : 6.36 MB
тип : Freeware

Xinorbis is a basic yet intense hard plate, organizer and capacity analyser. It utilizes a blend of charts, tables and tree presentations to furnish the client with a complete review of the substance of any hard plate, envelope, removable drive or system drive. Analyse Xinorbis gives you a chance to investigate the subs...


3DMark03 3DMark 2.0.2530

размер : 182.83 MB
тип : Freeware

3DMark combines full DirectX®9.0a support with completely new tests and graphics. 3DMark continues the legacy of being the industry standard benchmark. The high quality game tests, image quality tests, sound tests and others give you an extremely accurate overview of your system’s current gaming performance.3DMark05 is...


Autoruns 13.71

размер : 1.24 MB
тип : Freeware

Autoruns shows you which programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and shows you the entries in the order Windows processes them. These programs include ones in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other Registry keys. You can configure Autoruns to show other locations, including Explorer shell extensions, toolbar...

O&O Defrag Professional

O&O Defrag Professional 20.5

размер : 20.36 MB
тип : Freeware

O & O Defrag Free Edition offers a free alternative to the already famous version of O & O Defrag Professional Edition to optimize and defragment your hard drives simply. As the eldest he has several defragmentation methods tailored to your needs as simple defragmentation and optimization of complete files and free disk space. ...

Personal Software Inspector

Personal Software Inspector 

размер : 3.69 MB
тип : Freeware

personal Inspector can control the action of your kids on your PC, particularly on the Internet. It holds the locations and titles of all went to website pages, it records all keys entered (counting passwords), spare substance of Windows clipboard and produces screenshots of the desktop and applications utilized. All gathered data is t...

PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier 3.0.1

размер : 1.9 MB
тип : Freeware

PC Decrapifier is a convenient uninstall utility that permits you to free your PC of outdated projects or incorporated office when acquiring another PC in a couple clicks. For sure, you basically assign the application to uninstall from the rundown created, and begin the procedure. For greater security, PC Decrapifier proposes to make ...

AVS Registry Cleaner

AVS Registry Cleaner

размер : 8.05 MB
тип : Commercial trial

Output, clean and repair the Windows registry of your PC. Dispose of obsolete, superfluous things or undesirable by the registry to make your PC quicker and more advantageous. Key features include: Clean and fix Windows registry. Make Registry backup within seconds. Scan PC registry automatically. Strong program compatibility. 64-Bit Wi...


KCleaner 3.2.2

размер : 1.45 MB
тип : Freeware

KCleaner filters your PC for superfluous provisional records and offers to evacuate them consequently or physically. In the application design settings, you can choose the things to erase, for example, store, treats, provisional records of famous applications, log-records, late reports, Recycle Bin, and so on. An erased record encrypti...

Wise Auto Shutdown

Wise Auto Shutdown 1.55.82

размер : 1.50 MB
тип : Freeware

Wise Auto Shutdown is a straightforward utility that can close down your PC naturally. This is helpful for planning your PC to close down, log off, restart, rest, and close power whenever you require. Wise Auto Shutdown gives you a chance to plan an undertaking to be executed on either a regular routine, at a precise time, on a...

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