تحميل OCam 418.0

تحميل oCam 418.0

تحميل oCam 418.0 إلى عن على windows.OCam is a noteworthy

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oCam is a noteworthy little application that can catch and record onscreen pictures, video and sound. It underpins different video codecs and sound recording, it is anything but difficult to utilize and it has a heap of alternatives to look over.

Getting to holds with oCam is a direct undertaking, with barely any expectation to absorb information. The UI is part into two sections that comprise of a primary screen and a green flanked catch region, which you can drag and move to resize and put over the range of the screen that you wish to record.

Key Features:

oCam dual-monitor support.
Screen capture support.
Optional mouse pointer recording.
Video capture support.
Support videos larger than 4GB.
Audio capture support.

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