تحميل Photosweeper 3.2.0

تحميل Photosweeper 3.2.0

تحميل Photosweeper 3.2.0 إلى عن على mac.PhotoSweeper is

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PhotoSweeper is an exact and effective device that can dispense with copy or comparative photographs, even in vast photograph accumulations. It works with pictures from Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture and Adobe Lightroom libraries and in addition photographs from your hard drive and outside capacity gadgets. 

PhotoSweeper is a helpful instrument for various situations. For example, you may take a progression of shots of the same scene attempting to get the ideal one. You may alter photographs with a third part application, for example, Photoshop and make reinforcements, just if there should be an occurrence of record debasement, or you could simply need to free up some circle space by expelling garbage photographs.

Key features:

Easy search of photos.
Flexible, high speed comparison settings.
Auto duplicate marking.......

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