تحميل Skype

تحميل Skype

تحميل Skype إلى عن على windows.Download Skype o

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Download Skype on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. Stay in contact with video live chat, IM and more from anyplace and anywhere on Skype.Its time to communicate with your Skype contacts , Facebook and Windows Live Messenger, regardless of your location and from any access to the Internet through Skype. This instant messaging software and video conferencing promotes grip simpler to exchange free and easily secure your environment or in the workplace setting. Not rehome your Skype contacts to your Skype interface and communicate with them via instant messaging as well as audio / video conference.

Swap indifferently and with one click of a conversation in a chat group or a call to a video. "Smart help" facilitate the resolution settings and audio problems during calls to avoid tedious manipulations. Skype WiFi allows for him to converse from any Wifi support this type of connection through the use of Skype Credit to purchase beforehand. Finally, do not miss a single conversation through transfer calls to your landline and mobile phones .

Skype Key Features:

User Friendly to use:

skype is simple interface and very easy to use.The tool connect with some valuable serive features like Profile(add,edit and delete),online available status,contacts(add and delete) and recent history are helps to see past chatting messages.A cute search box helps to find contacts and add contacts globally.

Chat with video sharing:

Sharing video is very easy in skype.you can enjoy free video calls with anyone who also has the skype id.you can share your real time work,meeting,bedtime story or have fun with oppent contacts with best video quality.

Call Quality is henced:

You can call people who are on skype for free or on their phones at great low traffic call rates.Make a phone to your contacts where ever in the world with fine quality.Sound quality on skype both for video and calls are excellent.

Social sharing:
You can share your message in social network sites to keep in touch with friends and family with up to date.Connect your facebook friends through skype.You can update your status,comment and likes direct from skype.

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