تحميل Slimjet  21.0.6

تحميل Slimjet 21.0.6

تحميل Slimjet 21.0.6 إلى عن على windows.Slimjet is a we

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Slimjet is a web program reported by his distributer as quick and proficient. In light of the open source Chromium extend (the same utilized by Google Chrome), it locally coordinates numerous components generally accessible with the option of additional items among contenders. The program has a programmed filling framework and a watchword chief to permit you to interface quicker to your most loved destinations likewise offers a few advantageous elements. Among them, you will have the chance to share a connection effectively to your Facebook account, or download on the fly a gushing video to your hard drive for later logged off survey. A picture pressure apparatus is likewise incorporated into Slimjet to permit you to transfer pictures rapidly into an organization appropriate for web, helpful for instance on the off chance that you are a devotee of blogging.
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