Dress up your hallway

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  •   July 31, 2017
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Dress up your hallway

Show off your bold streak

The space is small enough to ensure that the bold touch — be it black paint or a red lacquer console — is contained.After all, a few steps further and you’re into another living space.

Put up a statement piece

Statement pieces don’t have to be confined to living areas like the lounge, dining room or master bedroom.A statement piece such as a chandelier, mural or even a mirror will ensure that the most boring area in your home gets a makeover.

Bring in some seating

Add more interest, along with seating space, to the narrowest of hallways. A thin bench or slender sofa can provide you with a place to put your things when hurrying in and out of the bedroom.Aim for hidden storage to get more bang for your buck.

Make it a family wall of fame

Bring dead space alive by overloading on the family photographs. Sketches, caricatures, snapshots and polaroids: bring them all out to display in an eye-catching manner.

Stencil on a pattern

A tub of paint, some brushes and a stencil will add visual interest and style to the space.Choose from simple stripes, florals or the on-trend Moroccan trellis.

Work on the ceiling

Most often than not, the ceiling tends to be neglected across the home.Set that wrong right by working on the hallway ceiling. A coat of paint, bright wallpaper, a stencil pattern or wooden strips, they will all pull the eye upwards.

Consider a mirror, or two

Try a large full-length floor mirror at the end of the hallway or one mounted on a wall. Nothing works better than a peep window — a mirror positioned in front of a window to reflect in light.

Create stylish storage space

Take your inspiration from mud rooms, a staple in homes abroad. A bench, with storage for regular-use shoes tucked in, a series of hooks to hang up bags and jackets, and a small table to leave keys and other odds and ends – that’s all you need.

Transform into a small study

A wide hallway can be put to double duty, either as a mini-library or a small study.Keep the furniture as light as you can — a slim desk-and-chair set for the laptop and you, and plenty of floating shelves for the books , magazines and journals.

Show off your bold streak The space is small enough to ensure that t