Richard Branson

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  •   July 31, 2017
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Richard Branson Explains His Secrets to Success Richard Brandson is known for founding The Virgin Group, which own several businesses including Virgin Airlines. One of the biggest and most ambitious companies Richard is working on is the Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic plans to provide suborbital spaceflights to space tourists, suborbital launches for space science missions, and orbital launches of small satellites. Further in the future, Virgin Galactic hopes to offer orbital human spaceflights as well. Virgin Galactic will soon be ready to launch its first flight and approximately 700 people, including wealthy businessmen, celebrities and Branson’s own family, have signed up to be passengers on the first commercial flight into space. Recently, The Virgin Group founder has announced that once Virgin Galactic has successfully begun giving tours of outer space, he will turn his attention to another revolutionary endeavor. What is the other revolutionary endeavor he has in mind? Richard Branson wants to make supersonic planes that can travel from New York to Tokyo in an hour. “After we’ve done the space program, we will be producing supersonic planes, which will go far, far, faster than [the]Concorde,” Branson told CNBC, in reference to the retired British commercial flights that could fly from New York to London in just three hours. “If we get it right, New York to Tokyo could be less than an hour,” the Virgin Group founder told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday. “You could be traveling at 19,000 miles per hour orbitally.”

Richard Branson Explains His Secrets to Success Richard Brandson is k