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  •   August 28, 2018
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Microsoft: announced the closure of the site

Microsoft's social network to edit and share documents in the cloud, will cease to work on December 15 as the company considered that these services are already in SlideShare, the tool that the company of Bill Gates incorporated thanks to the acquisition of LinkedIn. The Redmond, Washington-based company advised all users to move content they have on to other storage and file sharing platforms as soon as possible. SlideShare has joined the family of Microsoft and has become the ideal platform for publishing content in Word, PowerPoint and PDF, due to its audience of 70 million professionals and its extensive content library, explained the firm. In addition to the announcement about the end of the service in December, has stopped accepting new users. Finally it was informed that since August 1, the publication and editing of content will no longer be allowed in

Microsoft: announced the closure of the site Microsoft'