下載 TortoiseSVN 1.9.7 (32-bit)

下載 TortoiseSVN 1.9.7 (32-bit)

下載 TortoiseSVN 1.9.7 (32-bit) 對於 windows.TortoiseSVN is a cli

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TortoiseSVN is a client for the version control system Subversion for Windows that integrates with Explorer, and whose commands are available via the context menu. This app is essential for developers, designers and other project managers who work together on a project. All "commits" and "updates" common files are updated from the repository ("repository") and TortoiseSVN allows you to access and especially to return to a previous version. This client for Subversion also provides a fast visualization of the status of a file from overlay icons.

TortoiseSVN won the SourceForge.net 2007 Community Choice Award for Best Tool or Utility for Developers.The TortoiseMerge utility comes with the TortoiseSVN distribution to visually compare differences between two files.It is available from the Tigris.org website.TortoiseSVN is integrated into the Windows shell and can be accesses directly from the Windows Explorer, which makes it easy to use not only for the developers, but for the average computer users as well.

TortoiseSVN Features:

  • It has CVS features.
  • Directories,renames and file meta-data are versioned.
  • Commits are truly atomic.
  • Branching and tagging are cheap operations.
  • Efficient handling of binary files.
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