下載  Earth Time 5.12.4

下載 Earth Time 5.12.4

下載 Earth Time 5.12.4 對於 windows.EarthTime is an essential ap

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EarthTime is an essential application that gives clients a chance to see the time in various areas over the globe. It has an inherent database of a great many urban areas over the planet, and clients can include any number of custom areas they wish. 

The application has a straightforward interface, which comprises with a guide of the world that demonstrates the present territories of sunlight and current ranges of murkiness. The time in varying areas is appeared over the highest point of the guide, and a red pointer moves over the timekeepers, indicating the fitting area on the guide for every one.

Key Features:

Multiple global location database.
Cities with local time and date.
View of the earth at day and night.
Full screen mode.
Set alarms for anywhere in the world.
Current satellite cloud data support.
Support for current weather conditions, including temperature, humidity, wind, air pressure, etc.

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