下載 PhraseExpress 13.6.7

下載 PhraseExpress 13.6.7

下載 PhraseExpress 13.6.7 對於 windows.PhraseExpress is used to s

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PhraseExpress is used to send your expressions or macros favorites to any Windows program. To send an expression, you can use either keyboard shortcuts or choose expressions menu located on the system tray. PhraseExpress supports up to 100 user-defined expressions. Each expression may have a key specifies key and a menu of regular expressions.

You can easily add new phrases by placing any text on the clipboard and then selecting the command 'Add term' expressions menu on the system tray.

PhraseExpress Features:

  • Text Snippets Manager-PhraseExpress organizes your frequently used text snippets in customizable categories for quick access.
  • Autotext-PhraseExpress saves keystrokes by expanding text abbreviations into full text snippets. E.g. typing 'sig' could insert your signature into any program.
  • Auto-Complete-PhraseExpress recognizes repetitive text input automatically and offers to auto-complete full sentences on demand.
  • Spelling Correction-PhraseExpress includes a system-wide spelling correction with more than 10,000 spelling corrections in seven languages.
  • Clipboard Manager-While the standard Windows Clipboard keeps only the last copied data, the PhraseExpress Clipboard Manager keeps recently copied clipboard contents for quick access and insertion into any application.
  • Built-In Pocket Calculator-No calculator at hand while you work on a document? PhraseExpress can perform calculations as you type.
  • Program Launcher-Launch programs simply by entering a text shortcut. For example, type 'word' to launch Microsoft Word or 'exc' to open a spreadsheet.
  • Email Signatures-PhraseExpress can manage your email signatures templates for use in any mail program, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes or Thunderbird. Dynamic contents can be embedded from ActiveDirectory/LDAP.
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