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下載 Torch Browser

下載 Torch Browser 對於 windows.Torch Browser is a w

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Torch Browser is a web browser incorporating functions that are not found in all other browsers. It has, in particular, a torrents download tool, a video retrieval module and audio streaming, sharing features on social networks and TorchMusic. This allows you to listen directly to your titles, manage your playlists or search for music. The interface is reminiscent of Chrome, but that of Torch Browser offers more, an interesting little command: select and move an item from a Web page on the left pane of your browser share and on the right side to launch a research your usual engines. As with any browser, Torch Browser offers a download manager, a history and a registration module and favorite synchronization, your history, and settings on all your devices.

Key Features

Drag & Drop - With this feature you can search, translate or share links easily.
Built In Torrent - You can manage your torrent downloads directly within the browser window.
Media Grabber - You can save almost any media type that you come across on the web.
Easy Sharing - You can share your up to date information with your Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from the browser.
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