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Wise Folder Hider is an awesome little application that has been intended to watchword ensure your envelopes and documents, so intrusive eyes can not read or alter them. The application gives upgraded security to records and envelopes on your Windows PC, obstructing any unapproved get to and securing your protection.

Where Wise Folder Hider makes it's mark, is the colossal way it offers clients a discretionary extra more elevated amount of security. You can set a second watchword for each of the records and organizers covered up by Wise Folder Hider. This is incredible for the individuals who have high security worries due to having classified documents.

The application's interface is anything but difficult to use as it is extremely instinctive. As an extra reward, Wise Folder Hider gives you the alternative whilst introducing it to include 'Conceal File / Folder with Wise Folder Hider' to the setting menu. You are then ready to shroud documents or envelopes straightforwardly by right-clicking them without dispatching the application.

Where the application contrasts from comparative programming is that with regards to adjusting a concealed record or organizer, you do not need to unhide it, alter it, and afterward shroud it once more. A solitary snap of the "Open" catch will open the concealed document or organizer, with the goal that it gets to be unmistakable to you. you can then alter or change it as though it has been unhidden. When you have finished altering, you quite recently shut the project and the record or organizer will get to be shrouded again naturally. This helpful component proves to be useful when you alter oftentimes utilized concealed documents.

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