Herunterladen NetDrive 3.5.434

Herunterladen NetDrive 3.5.434

Herunterladen NetDrive 3.5.434 zum windows.NetDrive offers easy acces

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NetDrive offers easy access and manage your FTP sites as the amount of network drives. NetDrive and reduces manipulation FTP transfers and bypasses using FTP software or other dedicated clients. Fill in the password needed to access your website and assign a drive letter to it for NetDrive added to your list of local drives. You can easily manage your site with simple drag and drop on the player or on your desk for adding, deleting, or editing your various files.

NetDrive features are:

  • Data transfer by drag and drop files in Windows Explorer
  • Able to execute .exe files including video and audio files
  • Able to run NetDrive as a system service when Windows starts
  • Mounts drive automatically on system start
  • Supports FTP, WebDAV and iFolder.
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