Herunterladen TightVNC 2.8.8

Herunterladen TightVNC 2.8.8

Herunterladen TightVNC 2.8.8 zum windows.TightVNC is a program for re

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TightVNC is a program for remote control and administration via the Internet, your computer regardless of the operating system used. So you can use applications on your desktop, from your home computer, for example, as if you were directly in front! This software is also very convenient to perform a remote computer maintenance.

TightVNC offers professional users full control over their remote desktop connection, with full access to tools that manage format and encodings, display, mouse tracking, restrictions, connection configuration, servers, ports, access control, video, administration and more.

TightVNC enabled it to quickly get all the most important features that one professional VNC client needs to have, such as cross platform work (Windows, Unix, Java), RFB protocol certification, and more.

TightVNC Key Features:

  • File transfers in versions for Windows.
  • Support for video mirror driver.
  • Scaling of the remote desktop.
  • Encoding with optional JPEG compression.
  • Web browser access.
  • Password protection enabled, full-control and read-only.
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