Download GPU-Z 2.70.0

Download GPU-Z 2.70.0

Download GPU-Z 2.70.0 for windows.GPU-Z is a small but powerful appli

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GPU-Z is a small but powerful application that allows you to instantly find any relevant information about your video card and GPU (graphics processor). Easy to use, you can view the ID, the type of memory, shaders, the driver version, GPU frequency, etc.. Note that GPU-Z application works with nVidia or ATI cards category.

GPU-Z Key Features:

  • Card's name.
  • GPU title.
  • Technology process.
  • Chip area.
  • Number of transistors.
  • Support for DirectX / Pixel Shader.
  • Memory type.
  • Amount of memory.
  • Memory bandwidth.
  • Type of bus.
  • Width of the bus.
  • Frequency of the GPU (standard / overclocked).
  • Memory clock.
  • Driver version.
  • BIOS version.
  • Sensors.
  • GPU core clock.
  • GPU memory clock.
  • Low GPU.
  • Fan speed.
  • Downloads GPU real-time.
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