Download VirtualBox 5.2.6

Download VirtualBox 5.2.6

Download VirtualBox 5.2.6 for windows.VirtualBox offers virtualize yo

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VirtualBox offers virtualize your operating systems (OS) guests on a host machine. Called hypervisor, the application supports Windows OS X, Linux, Mac, Solaris, Free BSD, etc.. as host, Mac OS X missing the call as a guest. Oracle VM VirtualBox, its new name, can create virtual machines (VMs) to run one or more at the same time, in pause, etc.. It also includes a remote access via HTTP protocol, convenient for demonstrations on a clean system.

VirtualBox has several modes for creating VM to satisfy even expert users and guide novices in virtualization. We note later that the program takes a new ergonomic and modern users, similar to what is found in VMWare.


  • VirtualBox also comes with a full Software Development Kit.
  • 64-bit guests (hardware virtualization support is required).
  • Snapshots.
  • Seamless mode - the ability to run virtualized applications side by side with your normal desktop applications.
  • Shared clipboard.
  • Shared folders.
  • Special drivers and utilities to facilitate switching between systems.
  • Command line interaction (in addition to the GUI).
  • Public API (Java, Python, SOAP, XPCOM) to control VM configuration and execution.
  • Nested paging for AMD-V and Intel VT (only for processors supporting SLAT and with SLAT enabled).
  • Limited support for 3D graphics acceleration (including OpenGL up to (but not including) 3.0 and Direct3D 9.0c via Wine's Direct3D to OpenGL translation).
  • SMP support (up to 32 virtual CPUs per virtual machine).
  • Teleportation (aka Live Migration).
  • 2D video output acceleration.
  • Virtual machine descriptions in XML.
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