Download FastPictureViewer 1.9 Build 360 (32-bit)

Download FastPictureViewer 1.9 Build 360 (32-bit)

Download FastPictureViewer 1.9 Build 360 (32-bit) for windows.FastPic

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FastPictureViewer is a viewer that can read your photos and images in High Definition and High Resolution. Choose a folder where your files are stored and the application will begin to display them. JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, etc.. are supported. You can choose to scroll as slideshows by defining the interval between images. The software will detect the orientation of the photo and automatically perform the necessary rotation. You have the ability to zoom in or out on photos and display a graph showing the use of primary colors.

FastPictureViewer Key Features:

  • Support for web and Windows image formats such as PNG and GIF with transparency, BMP, and ICO.
  • Support for TIFF, MTIFF (multi-page TIFF), CMYK TIFF, TGA and DjVu.
  • RAW formats previewing with color-management.
  • Support for persistent bookmarks working across viewing sessions.
  • Support for multi-cameras tethered shooting (MTP/PTP over USB 2.0 or WI-FI).
  • Ability to configure more than one external tool in the program launcher.
  • Ability to create and use preset renaming templates.
  • Batch file mark/delete function.
  • Batch file management functions (copy, move, delete, save-for-web) through a multi-function rule-based plug-in.
  • Batch IPTC metadata editing (apply headline, caption, keywords, author and copyright information to a set of images).
  • Batch Web publishing and local export (publish photos to photo-sharing websites or to a local drive or USB storage device).
  • "Geo-clustering" (group images into folders according to their spatial or temporal proximity).
  • Support for Controlled Vocabularies with assisted keyword entry in the IPTC Editor.
  • Support for Reverse Geocoding in the IPTC Editor allowing users to fill the IPTC Location information from geotagged images.
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