Download Fences 3.05

Download Fences 3.05

Download Fences 3.05 for windows.Fences helps you "clean" y

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Official Download
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Fences helps you "clean" your desktop by organizing icons. Indeed, the software automatically collects the last within groups (folders, software, bookmarks, etc..) Separated by frames. Each of the frames may then be designed (the position change, size change, etc..). Thereafter, a simple double-click on the desktop will suffice to show or hide icons!.

Fences allows you to create shaded areas on your desktop that you can place icons in. You can label them however you wish, and move/resize them anywhere on the desktop. Pre-included layouts help speed the process for new users.

Cover Folder Portals, Desktop Pages, Sorting & Organizing, Layouts & Snapping, and Color & Appearance. Using these tools anyone will be able to customize their desktop to the perfect state that will fit your needs.

Fences Features:

  • Automatically arrange your desktop.
  • Easy to access without cluttering up your desktop.
  • Keep your desktop clean.
  • Makes it easy to use your desktop to organize all of your programs, documents, websites and more.
  • It covers user needs.
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