다운로드 Ebook Reader 5.07

다운로드 Ebook Reader 5.07

다운로드 Ebook Reader 5.07 ...에 대한 windows.Ebook reader is

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Ebook reader is a freeware application developed by ICecream apps.Ebook reader is a friendly to users that helps to add multiple books and helps to create a personalized library.In this application user can add there favorites book and they can remove their books from the library.while reading the books the progress percentage is loaded along with the data when the user loads the book from the library.


  • Easy to search for specific books,titles,page numbers,certain text,words and authors in the library.
  • You can add your favorite books in the personal bookmarks.
  • Ebook reader has 3 different modes of reading such as day,night and sepia.
  • It has fullscreen mode for comfortable reading books.
  • It supports file formats such as epub,mobi,fb2,pdf,cbz and cbr formats.
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