다운로드 UsbFix 11.0.10

다운로드 UsbFix 11.0.10

다운로드 UsbFix 11.0.10 ...에 대한 windows.UsbFix is malware v

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UsbFix is malware virus removal tool that helps you to remove autorun disk virus and from virus threats.UsbFix should be able to help you because this free utility is intended to analyze your external storage devices in order to detect any virus threats and remove them. UsbFix but is not limited at that. Indeed the utility is also able to repair damaged files such as registry files, hidden files, etc.

Finally, UsbFix has an option to "immunize" your storage media against potential future threats.


  • UsbFix can detect and remove infections found on your removable devices.
  • You are able to post your issues on UsbFix's forum.
  • UsbFix repairs the damaged files to your PC, such as: registry, hidden files, task manager etc.
  • Back-up support: UsbFix will backup your files and folders.
  • UsbFix prevents future infections by creating new autorun.inf files on removable drives.
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