다운로드  WashAndGo 18.23.05

다운로드 WashAndGo 18.23.05

다운로드 WashAndGo 18.23.05 ...에 대한 windows.WashAndGo allo

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WashAndGo allows you to clean your entire system and free up disk space in seconds. For example WashAndGo is capable of removing BAK, TMP, etc. It can also remove empty files and bad uninstall entries. It has the ability to detect defective links, flush your temporary files directory from your system, erase old search engine cache files and clean up your boot files.

Key Features:

  • Removes unnecessary garbage files.
  • Removes traces.
  • Scans registry for errors.
  • Repairs system errors.
  • Security backup feature.
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