Baixar RealVNC 6.2.0

Baixar RealVNC 6.2.0

Baixar RealVNC 6.2.0 para windows.Real VNC, Virtual Network Computing

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Real VNC, Virtual Network Computing, is a system for controlling remote computer. You can view and use the remote server with a simple client program from any other computer in the world connected to the Internet. One of the main advantages of Real VNC is that computers can be of different platforms. It is possible in this case, for example, view and control your workstation running from your personal computer with Windows.

VNC is very simple to use, but maybe little more complicated than the one that is offered by LogMeIn’s Hamachi. VNC has real aura of professional “no nonsense” app, with customization screen that showcases that this app is without any doubt oriented to be easily managed by both novices who want simple tools but also seasoned users who demand access to full configuration options for authentication, connections, inputs, sharing, and more.

RealVNC runs on Windows, on Mac OS X, and on many Unix-like operating systems. A RealVNC client also runs on the Java platform and on the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and Google Android devices.VNC is freely and publicly available and is in widespread active use by millions throughout industry, schools,collages and privately.

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